On the difficult days, when things feel stagnant, like Groundhog Day, when nothing matters and you can’t bear the strength to rise from bed. Or brush your teeth, or eat a proper meal. When you can’t look people in the eyes and certainly can’t muster the energy to put your social mask on, laugh at friends' jokes, radiate warm feelings.

Try to remember the days ahead that you know will come.

They are loyal and persistent.

They consist of a summer rain after a months of drought, they are a blue sky after weeks of grey, they are warm sunshine on your back after a long and unwavering winter.

They are dogs rolling in the grass, bouncing playfully, wagging lovingly.

They are a partner’s soft embrace as you break down into their arms, when you are reminded you don’t have to go at it alone.

They are a knowing smile on your best friend’s face, shared secrets and years of trust and laughter.

They are a freshly cleaned home in autumn, with the smell of dry leaves and cider and glowing candles.

They are a waft of cool air and a jump into mountain lake water on an unforgivingly hot day.

They are the feeling of finishing a book that had you fully invested, left sobbing and mourning it’s end.

They are a cinematic masterpiece that captures everything you couldn’t quite put into words or thoughts, but elicited a feeling.

They are coming out of a cold movie theater, meeting the warm air in a quiet parking lot.

They are the perfect atmosphere that someone created, dark and romantic, when it feels like it was made just for you.

They are clean sheets and quiet cuddles on a lazy Sunday morning.

They are the end of a long hike, legs shaking as you peer through the trees and take in the ecosystem, delicate yet determined.

They are the knowing that every moment is fleeting, and none are guaranteed. The hope and excitement of new things, challenges, moments, love. The everyday magic, that sometimes you can’t feel, no matter how hard you try, but somehow the hope of it showing itself to you again keeps you on your toes. Keeps you searching.

Keep searching for the magic.

Pea is from Missoula, MT and lives with her two dogs and her spouse. She is getting her Master's in Social Work and is just trying to figure it all out.